Oil Trailer LI 1200

Habitacional movile module of 12,00 m.

Trailers with different internal configurations and equipment standart or in proportion to their needs. 

The interiors are personalized made-to-measure and allow to the client to choose different internal configurations: company man, laboratories, bedrooms in suite with baths, offices, dinning rooms, dressing rooms, sanitaries and other special designs according to their preference.

Technical Characteristics of Oil Trailers LI 1200

STRUCTURE Reinforced with steel structural tube  of 50 x 30.X.1.2  to support all the efforts. On trineos or rolling.
TRINEO In girder of steel IPN-200 with cruises of 180 mm.
FENDERS in Schedull pipe 40 of 3 " of thickness 3/8.
FLOOR Multilaminated phenolic plywood 18 mm thick asphalt treated with paint and rubber coated floor and / or high traffic vinyl.
In prepainted sheet white N ° 25 painted to the oven with his later part against plated (chapadur of 4,8 mm) shaping a solid panel antihit, resistant to blows and to the wind. Ceiling constructed of equal way fixed to the structure with clinches coachbuilders.
Thin completion in corlock of 4.8 mm in soft tones, with unions in natural aluminium
In polytheneof 50 mm, thermal and anticondensing cut, with aluminium membrane RS Thermo Foil, improving the isolation. A roof with a membrana made by aluminium
Electrical installation of 220 v., with box, circuit breaker and thermal, under strict safety procedures.
Installation with termofusión 1/2 cold tube and warm recirculable to avoid freezings, electric hot water tank, shower.
WINDOWS In bedroom: two of 70 x 40 hinges or that can be raised with curtains, In bath: one of 60 x 30; In dinning room: two of 80 x 90 hinges or that can be raised with curtains too.
DOORS Exterior reinforced door, with piano hinges and special weather-strips. System anti panic.
STAIRS Wide, with railings and a place for resting (only for rolling models).


Sturdy furniture varnished in MDF, twin beds , smoke detector, stipend of stainless steel, air purifier.



Heating installed
Electric stove and/or to gas installed, of 4 burners and an oven.
Low trunk bed c/exterior w/lock low
Interior trunk bed electrical Refrigerator and / or to gas installed.
Watercloset with septic chamber installed.
Chemical watercloset Poty Vanitory of 40 carries water installed F/C, with mirror.
Solar screen with battery.
Support for TV.
Tank for 350 lts additional water
Back axis with rims and elastic tapes.
Exterior gas tank with lock.
Door with system anti panic Light of reading in rooms, emergency light.
Smoke detectors.
Electrical portable stoves.
Oven Grill.
Bell with extractor
Table and chairs
Portable stove
Office furniture

Photogallery LI 1200 Oil Trailer